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Our Investments

We focus on companies and industries where we believe there is potential for long-term growth. We have preferences for growth driven by sustainable development. We are not tied to a specific industry or sector; it is the potential for long-term value creation that is central to us. We don't just believe in financial returns in the traditional sense, we have also invested based on criteria such as social and environmental benefit or in new technology that we believe has a positive impact on us people.


Nicoya is a business-accelerating investment company focusing on foodtech. Nicoya has invested in companies such as:

  • N!CK´S
  • Farmers & Chefs
  • etc.

Norrsken Foundation

We are invested in their first VC fund. The fund invests in start-up’s and early-stage companies whose focus is on solving some of humanity's biggest challenges. Challenges such as poverty, hunger, climate problems, mental health and integration. We have also committed ourselves to Norrsken VC-fund II.

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Is a Swedish Private Equity company whose strategy is sustainable investments in small and medium-sized companies. PEQ operates in the "buy out" segment.



Zapp is an online delivery platform based in the UK. The company is focused on “final mile delivery”, delivering goods within 20 minutes of order reception. Zapp is vertically integrated: owning the distribution warehouses, “dark stores”, inventory, and employee workforce.

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X Shore boat

X shore builds boats that are 100% electric while valuing traditional maritime craftsmanship. In 2016 the work began with the idea of creating an electric craft, and in 2018 X Shore launched the first prototype. In late 2020 the first production series of the Eelex 8000 was launched.


Incore Invest AB

Is a Private Equity company who investing in Tech companies with an product-market fit and with international scalability. Largest holding is in the payment company BRITE.

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Arte Collectum

Is a Swedish art fund with modern, postwar and contemporary art as underlying assets.


4C Strategies

Is a listed company with over 20 years of experience in resilience and training. The idea behind 4C Strategies is to digitally transform training and exercises, by making them more effective, data-driven and reusable for other units and the next generation of soldiers. The company work with the armed forces, public institutions, and international enterprises, delivering services and solutions to more than 100 countries. Vinterfors Invest AB participated in the listing of the company.

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Real Estate

During the year, we have invested in rental properties in Spain and Holland. We will continue to develop our property portfolio.