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A central and important part of the portfolio of Vinterfors Invest AB consists of investments of the nature of "impact investing" or other investments that adhere to sustainability criteria of some kind. These investments are more opportunistic compared to more traditional investments. For us, these are investments in the future and investments we believe are the "right way forward" for all of us.

As part of our investment philosophy for the future, we are proud contributors to Hand In Hand. Through Hand In Hand, we support "village projects" in Kenya. The project aims primarily to provide women with support, education, and training in starting or developing micro-enterprises. This is not aid in the traditional sense; rather, the model aims for help-to-self-help to create sustainable livelihoods. The knowledge built up through the projects does not disappear but creates a long-term opportunity for them to escape poverty caused by lack of jobs or other forms of livelihood. This is a solid grassroots entrepreneurship platform. This makes a difference.

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In addition to the village project, we support a sunflower plantation. The project aims to supply Kenya's population with cooking oil, which is a necessary staple. Today, 80 percent of the oil is imported, while the price has increased by 35 percent (source: Hand In Hand), partly due to the war in Ukraine. In this way, the project can combat poverty, reduce hunger, and strengthen biological diversity, as domestically produced oil is a more sustainable alternative and makes Kenya more self-sufficient. This project operates within the circular economy, entrepreneurship, agriculture, and climate as well as the environment.

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The Hand In Hands model consists of four steps:

  1. Mobilization in self-help groups
  2. Education and training in entrepreneurship
  3. Access to microcredit
  4. Expansion and value chains
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